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Where Is Your Thinking Place?

Where Is Your Thinking Place?

It’s true what they say, if you want something done, give it to a busy person. The reality is, most managers are busier than they should be. There is more to be done with fewer people. The business world is getting more complex and complicated. There is no time to stop.

Unfortunately, it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. As a manager and as a leader, when you don’t have time to think and plan to figure out solutions to upcoming problems, you are constantly trying to solve problems that have just appeared and get into a cycle of putting out fires.

A little while ago I went to meet with a busy manager. They gave me the address and floor. I showed up at the building which was a campus. At the main lobby of the building, there was a receptionist. So I confirmed my information. They told me it wasn’t right, the person I'm meeting is in another building. Thinking I got the address wrong, I called her on my cell and asked what the correct location was. Sure enough, the one I had was the one she gave me. Then she admitted she was in the cafeteria.

I went and met with her to talk about solutions I could help her with and asked her why she had been sitting in the cafeteria for the morning. She said hiding in the cafeteria was the only time she had to sit and think. If she was in her office, the distractions from the phone, computer, people at her door, her boss, her staff and colleagues was too much to keep a train a thought and decide on strategy and look forward instead of looking backwards all the time.

That was a great strategy – she took time out purposefully to get away from it all. Some of us, including myself, thought that if I wasn’t busy and at my desk, I wasn’t earning my pay. Of course in hindsight, it becomes obvious that a little more quiet time would have made everything easier.

Here is a lesson for you – find your quiet time and do your thinking and planning – and don't feel guilty about it.

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