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Developing Effective Procedures

It's not just about how you write them.

It’s about how effective they are at improving productivity, results, consistency, training and results. (tweet this!)

Written procedures are often looked at as useless and they end up sitting on a shelf. You can do them different by developing them to be useful and relevant, not just something you have to do.

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Better Procedures


Training - for new employees, customers or users
Compliance - Ensuring employees and customers follow procedures
Consistency - To make it easier for your customers and users
Accuracy - whether it's individual employees, offices or branches
Performance - Include the tools to measure and manage employee performance
Due Diligence – to protect you and your company from risk


Learn how to develop and write Effective Procedures


Understand why procedures are usually useless.
Learn how to develop procedures others will use.
Find out how to make them useful.
Find out how to make them easier to use.
Discover how to engage users.
Learn to structuring procedures better.


Better Procedures = Results = Attention = Career Advancement!
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More about Developing Procedures


Do you want to improve results and consistency? Do you want to make it easier for your employees and customers? Use the tips and techniques from "Developing Procedures" to get consistent results.

Having procedures improves results and consistency, enables training and cross-training, provides you with a means to audit your staff or service- provider performance, and ensures results.

Documented processes, policies and procedures are important, but simply writing detailed documents isn’t the answer. The longer a document is, the less likely it will be used or followed. Unfortunately, organizations tend to lean in one direction. They either have little or nothing documented, or they have massive amounts of standard corporate documents that nobody actually uses.

Excessive documentation comes from the belief that more is better and that the heavier something is, the more value it has. A long procedure document is better. A long business case is better. A long strategic plan is better. Realistically, that approach says more about appearances than results.

If your documents are long and difficult to follow, they won’t achieve results. Instead, they will absorb valuable time and take up space on the shelf.

If you haven’t developed your procedures, take a simpler, shorter approach to developing them. If you already have a bookshelf full of Standard Operating Procedures, Operations Manuals and other similar documents, leave them on the bookshelf and develop an overlay with the key parts of the processes in an easy- to-use, easy-to-reference format. Then use them for your training, performance and continuous improvement processes.


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