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Write To Influence™

Writing Isn't About Communicating.

It’s about influencing others. (tweet this!)

Take what you think you know about writing in your job and turn it on its head. If you want to be successful, you need to think about your writing differently - it's really about is influencing others. You probably learned in high school or college English classes all about how to write, but they rarely focus on how to communicate, much less influence with your communications.

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Influence when you write


Memos - internal, in your store, office, to customers or suppliers
Letters - about issues, problems, requests, etc.
Emails - cut through the clutter and get to the top of the in box
Business Cases - for your initiatives, ideas and funding/resource requests
Policies & Procedures - influence readers to follow and obey
Postings – for your staff, in your store, anywhere


Learn key techniques to Influence


Understand why everything you write should influence.
Learn to strategically plan your writing.
Find out about proven techniques that influence.
Find out how to apply them for maximum impact
Discover how to get beyond grammar & spelling.
Learn to structuring your writing for maximum impact.


                  Influence = Results = Attention = Career Advancement!

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More about Write To Influence™


I very much enjoyed Mr. Theriault's book "Write to Influence" and have applied many of his ground breaking techniques to my client newsletters, corporate communications and everyday e-mail correspondence. I highly recommend this book for even the seasoned business writer. It is an excellent source of fresh ideas on the art of efficient and effective communication.

Patrick Tenpenny

Half way through reading the book "Write to Influence" I was already seeing the impact in my proposals, reports and emails that I send out on a regular basis. It has methods that I have never used and even methods that I knew about - but never exercised. Immediately after finishing the book I handed it off to colleagues. A very quick read with plenty of valuable content. Read it!

Nicole Lobbe


Do you want to influence your boss? Your colleagues? Your customers?
Use the tips and techniques from "Write To Influence" and get what you want from them.

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7 Mistakes that Prevent you from Influencing with your writing


Business communications in college is often more about formatting letters, the traditional headings to use' formal structure, numbering, using appendices, numbering, creating technical documents and more. What it doesn't prepare you for is how to use your business writing to influence others, a key skill to being successful manager and climbing the corporate ladder.

And, it's not a lot of help in the high tech, fast paced communications world we live in today.

According to Wikipaedia, communication is simply about conveying information. In fact, the important part of communication isn’t just about conveying information, it's making sure the information you convey delivers the results you need.

Think about what you write in your job. Do you write procedures? If so, you shouldn't simply want people to understand them, you want them to follow them. That's influence. If you write business cases, you don't want to lay out a clear, logical argument; you want the reader to give you approval - that's influence. If you write letters and emails, it isn't about being readable, with good grammar and accurate spelling. If you think about it, you are always trying to get someone to do something, whether it's agree with you, approve something, or do what you want.

Few managers are well equipped for this shift in what writing mean, partly because of what we've been taught in school about writing and the way communication has been defined for us in the past.

The first step is to know what you want, then craft your written communication not only to convey information, you need to make sure it influence others.

This book gives you the techniques you need to change your writing from simply conveying information to influencing others.

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