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Is Multitasking really a good thing?

Is Multitasking really a good thing?

There's a recent study suggesting that multitaskers, contrary to the belief it makes them better than those who are not good at multi-tasking, aren't as effective as we think.While the study focussed on media related multi-tasking, the lessons can be applied to everything we do.

Multitasking has become the Holy Grail that many of us strive for because we are told it's better and more efficient in this incredibly busy world we live in. The big question is simply whether the things we multitask on are done as well as when we focus our undivided attention on something for enough time to get it done.

The study seems to suggest that multitaskers don't measure up. A good lesson for all of us that focus and attention are the best way to get results - now your challenge is how you can take the time and attention you need when you are bombarded from all sides with emails, calls and the chaos around you in the office.

I've included links to two articles discussing the results of the study and another link to the study itself, which is only accessible for a fee.

Discover Magazine - Multitaskers are bad at multitasking
Stanford News - Media Multitaskers pay a mental price, Stanford study shows
PNAS - Cognitive Control in Media Multitaskers


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