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If You Don’t Like Where You Are, Find Somewhere Else To Be

If You Don’t Like Where You Are, Find Somewhere Else To Be

Having shared this career and personal philosophy with staff and colleagues over the years, particularly with those who complained about their situation, I took my own advice a while ago and moved on to what would become a much better place in my career.

Unfortunately, we are often reluctant to move-on, particularly in a tough economy, so we stick around in a job we don't like, or our staff hang in there even though they would be better off (and perform better) somewhere else.

Don't be afraid to encourage someone to move on if they approach you for career advice, even if it means you have to recruit someone new. They will probably do better in their new role and you will have a chance to bring in a new resource who can contribute to your team. This is particularly important if the new opportunity is within your company.

If the individual is a poor performer, a bad fit for the role they are doing or is simply not satisfied in their job, you are doing everyone a favor.

If they are a top performer and can contribute more elsewhere within your company at a lateral or higher level, your company will benefit and you will be seen as a strong manager who supports and promotes the interest of your staff. You will be seen as someone who helps people develop, it will benefit your company and the employee, and it will give you a chance to recruit (or promote) someone else into the vacant position - someone who can bring other qualities to your team.

And of course, apply this to your own situation and move on if you aren’t happy where you are. Start well in advance - network and start looking for somewhere else to be well before the time comes when you want to leave.

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