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Using Reminders in Outlook

Managing your inbox is difficult enough, but when you send emails, it is easy to lose track of things that you are expecting from the recipient or follow-ups you need to do.

It’s easy to track these things by using the ’Follow-up’ feature in Outlook.

Whenever you send an email, you can tag it with a follow-up date that will give you a reminder when it comes due.

Once you compose your email, select ‘Follow up’ from the Message tab in the ribbon. Choose one of the options or select Custom and click ‘reminder’ and set the reminder date and time. You can also flag the due-date for the recipient while you are at it.

You can even do this for emails you receive. Right click on the email, select ‘follow up’ and set a reminder.

It will now show up in your Task list so you can keep track of it.

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