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Use Outlook Templates for easy emails

Emails take up a considerable amount of time, but there is a way to simplify standard communications you use on a regular basis. This can be to employees, suppliers, clients or prospects.

Microsoft Outlook gives you a great tool to create templates you can use over and over again.

This is useful for emails you send frequently, or should send frequently, like follow-up’s to calls, daily reports, notifications or even to acknowledge an email you’ve received.

To create a new Template

  1. Open a new message and type the standard text you want to use, including subject line and if applicable, the recipients
  2. Save As a template file in the default template folder

To use the template

  1. Select New Items from the Home menu on the ribbon. Then More Items then Chose Form.
  2. In the drop down list, chose User Templates in File System (or brows to where another location where you save your templates)
  3. Double Click the template you want
  4. Modify as necessary and Send.
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