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Thinking is Job One

Even as a Manager, its easy to believe you are being paid to do things. But in addition, your job is to think about things.

Don't feel unproductive when you are sitting and thinking. Or when you spend time planning something. That's valuable work too.

In fact, you will 'manage' better if you use planning and strategy to help you and your staff do the job better with improved outcomes and possibly lower effort or cost.

So take the time to sit and just do some thinking.

If you have a hard time doing it in your office or cubicle, find somewhere else to go. Park yourself in a coffee shop for a few hours. You may find the ambient noise helpful. Or stay at home for a morning every now and then. While you do this, stay away from your emails, social media and phone so you can think without distractions.

Find what works for you, but take the time to think. That's your value added contribution to your organization.


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