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Setting Due-Dates for your Staff

Whenever you need something from your staff, don’t just give them an arbitrary due date. Discuss it with them and get their buy-in and agreement that they can deliver.

If you have a hard-date you need to meet, tell them what it is and then negotiate how much earlier you need it from them. Explain the hard-date so they understand the importance of the due-date and make sure they know why you need it in advance.

Tell them that you expect it on-time and manage to that expectation. However, let them know that if they struggle to meet the due-date, they must come to you in advance to see how it can be solved instead of simply missing the due-date.

Show flexibility in setting the due-date in the first place and consider your own staff’s preferences and workload. You are more likely to get what you need from them on-time.

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