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Don’t Use Company Email for Website Sign-up’s

If you are active on the internet and sign-up for newsletters to get downloads, log on to websites for access to more info or even use Linkedin for maintaining your network, don't use your company email address, even if you're signing up for company business reasons.

Face it. At some point, you will be in a different job in a different company and you'll end up abandoning the things you signed-up for once you lose your company email account.

You'll spend lots of time finding the sites you like and signing up again. And you may not be able to give 2 weeks notice to your employer, leaving you time to do the switch. You might be out the door today and cut off completely without warning. It happens.

Sometimes, you can provide an alternate email address, in which case go ahead and do that. (for instance, you can have multiple email addresses in Linked In)

Otherwise, use your personal email account or even better, set up a separate one just for signing up to things on the internet.


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