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Build support before you propose anything

The best way to get approval or agreement to your ideas is to do some homework up front.

Instead of making a pitch at your next senior management meeting, test your ideas individually with the participants to get their thoughts and build support.

Before making a presentation, cover the key items and outcome with decision-makers who might be in the audience. They can be your litmus test about how your idea will be received and give you guidance on things you might want to change to gain acceptance.

If you're developing a business case to be reviewed by the CFO or other key decision-makers in your company, the town with them in advance and go over some of your key arguments, evidence and the essence of your proposal. They can give you guidance that you can then incorporate into your business case.

If they demonstrate supports during these one-on-one meetings, you know you're on the right track. If they indicate that they can't support your proposal, then you can learn what to do about it or change your proposal based on what will be acceptable.

Even if you don't make changes, you will know where your are opposition is and can develop a defense, which includes getting support from others in advance.

That's how you build support.

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