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Ask Why That Worked

Have you ever left a meeting and said to yourself that it was a great meeting or have a discussion with someone about a problem and realize how productive it was? Have you been involved in a client situation and see how well it was handled by your colleague or boss?  Experience a crisis and see how well it was handled?

Instead of just marveling at the result and moving on to your next meeting or problem, take a moment and ask yourself 'Why' they got great results and learn from it.

How was the meeting handled? How did the facilitator guide it, keep it on track, tease out solutions, keep personalities in check? What is it that made the discussion so productive, diffuse the client situation, solve the crisis?

What was done or said that you can learn from and do the next time you are in a similar situation? You can even talk to the individual involved and ask them about their approach.

Remember, great managers are not born, they learn good stuff from others and apply them to be successful themselves.

So, the next time there is a learning moment, take the time to actually learn.


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