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Always Know the Purpose of Meetings

Have you ever been asked to attend a meeting, whether by a customer, colleague, boss, etc?

Did you attend without knowing the agenda or purpose?

Stop doing that.

Any time you are asked to attend a meeting, even by your boss, ask what the agenda is and in particular, what the issue or purpose is and what outcome is expected. If possible, discuss how you need to be prepared.

You should also know who else has been invited.

This makes the meeting more productive and avoids you being surprised by issues or topics you aren't prepared to deal with. You may even decide that someone else also needs to attend, such as one of your staff members who has more details about the issue or is impacted by outcomes of the meeting.

The meeting will be more productive and you will be prepared and fully able to contribute, no more surprises when you get to a meeting.

If you ask and they won't tell you what the meeting is about, don't attend. Explain your reasons.

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