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Don’t Abdicate Your Responsibility For Quality

Don’t Abdicate Your Responsibility For Quality

Managing quality is an important part of the job, but all too often managers set up a system and then expect the system to ensure Quality. This is often what happens with popular ISO Quality systems. Set it up, get your bragging rights, then put it on autopilot.

Quality Systems are often very good at making sure you have consistency in your proceses, but unfortunately, a consistent process that is wasteful or creates a poor result isn't what it should be about.

Instead, you have to actively manage quality in your operations. That doesn't just mean a rote process you follow, it's about truly adressing and impoving quality.

Quality Systems often involved a review step, but it is often considered just a formality, a result of the 'set it and forget it' mentality and the feeling that because you have a Quality System in place, you can coast. The process of managing your Quality System gets mistaken for actually managing Quality.

Go beyond your Quality System to get quality and the benefits it give you and your organization. Remember, Quality isn't just about a higher quality product or service, it's alsoabout a quality process that may reduce costs for the same product or service quality.

The first step is information. Without measurements and metrics, you won't know what works, doesn't work, and can be improved. This includes customer (or end user) satisfaction, measurements of process metrics, benchmarking, failure analysis and a host of techniques that are actually easy to do and apply if you decide they are a priority.

Next, actually monitor those measurements and identify anything that starts to deviate from the standard or the target that you set.
Finally, do problem analysis on the item that is starting to fail, using standard tools such as root cause analysis. Check in with the people involved in the process and audit the process itself to see not only if it’s being followed, but that it’s actually working.

Then, you can say you are truly managing Quality.

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