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Being Fair doesn’t mean Treating all your Staff The Same

Being Fair doesn’t mean Treating all your Staff The Same

The falacy of managing staff is that you should be consistent with everyone. That's the wrong way get the best results from your staff and it's not the way to keep them happy.

The consistency you should show is how you handle issues and deal with your staff, not necessarily what the outcome is in each case.

For example, allowing someone to come to work a little later because they just divorced and are working out how to get their child to school in the morning doesn't mean everyone should be at work late. Showing compassion for your employees and helping them out a bit will create a positive relationship with them and according to research, improve their motiation.

Of course, if it doesn't matter that they clock in at 9am on the dot, your goal should be results, not timeliness, but that's a different issue.

Your job as a manager is to manage resources, including people, to get the best possible results. That means actively managing issues, not just following a script or being rigid.

Frequetly, rules are put in place to make managing easier, not necessarily to get the best results or manage staff the most effective way. Not everyone is the same - and that actually is a benefit in the workplace - so dealing with each staff member also shouldn't necessarily be the same. A great manager understands their staff and what makes them tick. Some need you to tell them what a good job they are doing and show interest in their progress yet others don't need that but thrive on successfully meeting the challenges you throw their way. Others are shy, so you wouldn't single them out in a meeting to highlight something they did. Others need recognition. Some will like that you take an interest in their family, others don't think it's appropriate to talk about their family or what they did on the weekend.

You aren't the same as your colleagues or your staff, so don't think your staff are all clones, to be dealt with, motivated and coached the same way. If you have more than one child, you understand how two people can be so different, and why they need to be dealt with differently.

As I mentioned,, we often do things based on established rules or norms to make it easier to manage - we can point to a policy and say that's why. That's taking the easy way out. Instead, bend the policy to suit the situation and defend your position with your boss when needed as long as you are getting results. That's leadership and management courage.

Your staff are your most valuable and variable comodity. Instead of giving them the 'off the rack' management, give them tailored management. They will appreciate it.

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