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Adopt these 7 Best Practices from Outsourcing Companies

Adopt these 7 Best Practices from Outsourcing Companies

Centralized Services / Specialized Expertise

Outsourcing companies have the volume for centralized services and expertise. They hire subject matter experts who provide assistance and guidance to field staff who can then focus on their direct service delivery requirements. Your corporation may have expertise in some areas, but they are usually focused on the core business, not other internal support services.

Apply the principles creatively. For small organizations, identify existing individuals with the right background or aptitude and train them in the specialty. Keep them current and backfill a portion of their existing responsibilities. Tap into existing specialty consultants or companies with standing offers and retainers or join forces with colleagues at other organizations to share specialized expertise.

Strategic procurement

Saving money and improving services through procurement is something almost any organization can do. Strategically procure services in larger volume packages to benefit from economies of scale. Bundle different services together to increase the volume in combinations the market will respond to. Do a national procurement instead of several local or regional contracts.

This saves resources needed to procure and manage the contracts while reducing your provider's costs, which are passed on to you. You also get more consistency and improved services when combined with performance management, Quality Assurance and effective contract management.

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