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Adopt these 7 Best Practices from Outsourcing Companies

Adopt these 7 Best Practices from Outsourcing Companies

Customer Service and Satisfaction

A benefit to outsourcing is a new and stronger supplier/customer relationship to replace internal culture not always focused on customer satisfaction. That's because the service providers have an even more direct business stake in their service.

To change internal culture, implement change management with your staff. Educate them on the importance and reasons for customer satisfaction, train them in techniques, provide them with tools and processes to deal with customer issues and measure customer satisfaction results with the purpose of introducing improvements. Maintain this focus as a constant initiative, otherwise it will fade away.

Policies and Procedures

Outsourcing companies use policies and procedures to reduce management and administrative costs while focusing on higher value initiatives. This isn't simply documenting what you do, it's assessing all aspects of the service delivery and developing procedures, tools and even systems that support efficiency, consistency and quality.

Since outsourcing companies operate large portfolios, this is critical to their success. To achieve these benefits, look closely at what you do and make changes, implement processes, add tools and train your staff.

Software Systems

Outsourcing firms have an economy of scale you can't match, but you can prioritize and address key systems for more effective management of your services and assets. One solution for smaller organizations is web based applications, reducing IT support and hardware costs.

Implement a single solution or individual modules for requirements using newer, leaner, web based software that doesn't require as much internal support. Research implementation and ongoing maintenance cost of these systems and then establish priorities to keep costs down.


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