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7 Things You Should Do to Succeed In A New Role or New Job

7 Things You Should Do to Succeed In A New Role or New Job

Successful managers will eventually move up the ladder or move sideways to new challenges in preparation for the upward move.

If you are taking on a new role in your existing company or a new job in a different company, it’s an extremely challenging time. Here are seven things you should do to improve your chances of succeeding:

  1. Go into the job with an open mind and a respect for the workers you are now responsible for.
  2. Take the time to meet with and talk to everybody in your group whether they are your direct reports or not. Learn from them and show that you value their input and their experience.
  3. Do not make immediate changes. The only way you'll get respect and buy-in from changes you implement is if you started by listening. Then, when you do make changes that you feel are necessary, you will have the context with which you made those changes so that you can explain them effectively to your team and gain their buy-in.
  4. Don't dominate. Just because you're a manager, doesn't mean that your opinion or your decisions are necessarily absolutely right or that you should know everything. Be open to discussion and even debate before you ultimately make a decision, and take the opportunity when you can to accept their point of view and implement something that they recommended even if you think there might be a slightly better way in your view. This will help demonstrate to your team that you’re in fact working with them for success.
  5. Manage by walking around. This may be old, but it's still valid. The only way you're going to be respected as their manager is by getting involved rather than being stuck in your office. Take the effort to meet with individuals from your team. Join them for lunch in the cafeteria. Drop by their office and asked their opinion on things. Listen and share so that you can build a cooperative team-based approach that is critical for success in the new environment.
  6. Give your team credit and acknowledge their success and capabilities where it exists. And be sure to let it be known that new ideas came from somebody within your team rather than making it look like you're taking credits all the time.
  7. Never stop learning how to lead and manage better. Constantly re-examine your approach and whether it's getting success, going additional training, think back constantly, and enhance your ability to manage the guy and develop success for your team as a whole.

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