3 Ways to Stand Out During Your Probation Period

3 Ways to Stand Out During Your Probation Period

You landed your dream job, now what? As you start your new position, navigating your way through the orientation and probation period can be difficult. Learning new skills and processes, while wanting to standout is a tough balance to strike.

Bonding with coworkers to promote team-building, defining what success means for both you and your new workplace, and looking past the probation period will help you to find your role within your new career.


Team Building:

Connecting with your new coworkers and employees will help your transition into the new role. They can assist you and guide you as you acclimatize yourself in your new job.

  • Plan what you want to say to people as you meet them. If there is something that you have in common with your new coworkers, mention it. Was there a project of theirs that you followed? Conversations based on previous work show that you are knowledgeable about the industry and help break the ice.
  • Be friendly, but know that relationships are built on performance and actions, not just talk. Share the success you had in your previous positions and help-out wherever you can. You may not have all the answers, but show that you are willing to make the effort.
  • The orientation period is a great time to ask questions. Your supervisors are expecting you to have them. Make sure to give thanks and show appreciation to those who help you out.

 Define Success:

The probation period is often like an extended interview. During this time, you will want to show that you not only deserved to be hired, but that you will succeed in this new position as well.

  • Break down your first 90 days into 3 30-day increments. Decide what success will be for you within each of those 30-days. What will you accomplish during this time? Which initiatives will you volunteer for? These items will help define success for both you and your new supervisors.
  • Keep a record of your accomplishments. A list of what you have worked on and the feedback you have received, will aid with self-evaluations and performance reviews.
  • Establish expectations with your supervisor. Know what your manager hopes you will accomplish during the probation period.

Looking Forward:

Once your orientation is complete and you have passed the probation period, you will want to ensure that you will continue to succeed and grow with in this position.

  • Find ways to continue to stand out. This can be as simple as responding to emails and requests in a prompt manner, or following up with clients and coworkers.
  • Model yourself after coworkers who are excelling in a similar role, or are being acknowledged within your new company. This will ensure that you will continue flourish within your new position.


Planning for a successful future and building relationships with new co-workers will ease the switch into your new role. As you transition into your new career path, take steps to guarantee your happiness.

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