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Thinking Into The Corners™

Stop trying to Think Outside The Box

It’s more likely to hurt you and your team than help you

Thinking Outside The Box attained “cliché status” by virtue of the fact that people think it must be true - simply because it’s repeated so frequently. When options are limitless, you'll miss the obvious. Instead, stretch yourself and your staff to find the valuable solutions waiting in the corners.

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Why You Should Look Into The Corners

The Box

There are always limits to what we can do. Understand the limits and anchor your creative process instead of wasting time on ideas and solutions that can't be implemented. Remember, you may be able to change the size of that box.

The Circle

These limits affect your ability to come up with ideas and solutions. Your circle will be different from others’ circles. Quite simply, they keep us within a safe, comfortable range and mean we don’t stretch to find new ideas that can be implemented.

The Corners

Combining the box and the circle shows that ideas are hidden in the corners you haven’t reached yet. There’s no need to go outside of the box to find good ideas. (tweet this!) In fact, if you think outside the box it can actually be counterproductive.

Learn how to define the limits of your box

Understand how to expand those limits

Discover how to reach into the Corners for new ideas

Recognize the internal filters everyone has

Find out how to identify and mitigate the filters

Apply the techniques at your idea generation sessions

Stop Thinking Outside the Box and Start Thinking Into The Corners™ Now!

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More about Thinking Into The Corners™


This book will be most helpful for managers who are seeking to increase their managerial skills with solid concepts that can be implemented immediately in their work.  The book is part of a “Quick Guides For Managers” series.  It lives up to that description.  It is a quick guide.

John Chancellor

The manner in which he elects to use the concept of a circle inside a box that leaves the corners of that box unexamined and untried shuttles our attention to push creative thing. Read through the book in the order in which it is assembled and see the insights he affords. Theriault is a very wise Thinker!

Grady Harp


Thinking Outside The Box gives you too wide a canvas to anchor great ideas.

Your thinking gets spread thinly in an infinite space instead of focusing on the practical solutions.

One of the biggest challenges managers face is developing new great ideas. Usually, people tell you to think outside the box as a way to generate creativity and develop new ideas. Unfortunately, access to such a wide open canvas on which to create ideas makes it hard and sometimes intimidating for people, including you and your staff, to develop concrete, useable, implementable ideas. It also misses an important point: we all have limits that constrict our options and our ideas.

In fact, creativity within a framework is more effective for most of us, while abstract thinking is not a good way to get results. After all, great thinking isn’t necessarily about a creative result, it’s about a creative way to achieve the pre-defined result. For instance, give someone a coloring book with a picture of a cat and tell them they can color outside the lines and you may end up with a rabbit. That’s ok, unless you really need a picture of a cat.

Thinking Into The Corners™ acknowledges and deals with the flaw in trying to think outside the box.

Instead, it focuses on developing clear parameters to anchor your thinking, ideas and solutions ans provide a catalyst, instead of ‘blue skying’. We all have limitations (boxes) we can’t go outside of, so let’s focus on solutions that are within the limitations we have to work with; limitations that are often outside of our control.That’s the Box.

It also deals with how we all think in our own comfortable zone and don’t always “stretch” to come up with the ideas and solutions that work the best. This is the Circle.

When you combine the Box with the Circle, you end up with the corners you haven’t reached into yet. That’s where your best ideas will be found.

Like all good concepts, Thinking Into The Corners™ isn’t difficult; it simply sets the stage to get the best results from your team. It still relies on existing proven techniques for group discussion, problem solving and idea generation, but frames it in a way that makes it easier for everyone to contribute and find those hidden ideas.

This book gives you the foundation you need to take a practical approach to solving problems and finding solutions with your team. It outlines techniques that you can apply immediately to get better results and make you and your team shine in your organization.

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