Lead, Don't Just Manage

Just because ‘Manager’ is in your title doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be a Leader to your team and organization.

The complexities of your job demand it and leadership isn't reserved for the CEO or President of your company.

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” According to Peter F. Drucker, American Management Guru

As a manager at any level, you are in a leadership role. To exercise that leadership role as effectively as possible, you must approach all aspects of your job from that leadership perspective, whether it’s a current matter or a long-range issue.

You probably have some specific knowledge, education, technical or other skills that enable you to do your job effectively. While these are certainly important for success, without effective leadership, you certainly won’t be able to rise above the noise of the daily job to leverage your skills as effectively as possible or leverage your staff's skills.

Many managers struggle with the difference between effective leadership and effective management. By understanding the difference and why your role is not just management, it’s leadership, you will develop your career and serve your organization better.

The difference between management and leadership is essentially the difference between timelines and resources. Management is a here and now activity that uses process and resources to efficiently achieve a specific outcome. Leadership, on the other hand, is a forward-looking activity in which a future goal is identified and people are inspired to move towards it. In fact, leadership leverages the value of effective management.

And leadership isn't hard, you probably do it today to get your job done without even recognizing it for what it is. The only way to truly succeed is to actively and knowingly practice leaderhip with your team, with your boss, your colleague and other.

This book will not only inspire you to exercise your leadership skills, it provides the key tools you need to do it well as a manager to get results from your team and move forward in your career.

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