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Preparing Before You Make Your Pitch In A Presentation May Deliver A Home Run

Preparing Before You Make Your Pitch In A Presentation May Deliver A Home Run

Sometimes, the excitement or the dread of doing a presentation for senior management drives you to focus on your actual MS Powerpoint or Apple Keynote slides for your presentation.

While a well constructed and well delivered presentation is a must, if you are looking for approval, sign-off, buy-in or agreement, you need to start well before your presentation.

Getting support means developing it, not just asking for it in a 20 minute presentation. The best way to get the nod after your presentation is to first get it before your presentation.

Bring the core elements of your business case to the decision makers in advance. If you can't get to the main decision makers, work on their advisors and influencers.

Outline what you are doing and discuss it with them, asking for their advice and input. Try to gain their acceptance for what you are doing by giving them a hand in it, making it much more difficult for them to not back you.

Find out what their objections might be address them, either by making changes or providing sufficient information to counter the objections.

Ask them for specific things they would do if they were you, and incorporate some into your plan, and therefore your final presentation.

If they are only influencing the decision makers, go one step further and ask what they think the decision maker may object to or want done differently and see if you can incorporate that.

And don't be shy - ask for their support, either directly or to talk to the decision makers on your behalf.

Finally, hit the mark with your presentation, having built in the elements you now know are required for approval, deliver it with confidence and authority, and convince your audience - then ask for what you want, and you might get it.

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