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Outsourcing Success – The Stay-Back-Team’s Role

Outsourcing Success – The Stay-Back-Team’s Role


The size and structure of your stay back team will depend on the size and scope of the outsourcing contract as well as the services, if any, which remain in-house. The basic rolls and functions will almost always be the same, however they may be performed by a larger or smaller number of people, and the reporting relationships may be adjusted based on size, scope and geography as required.

As you move through the different stages of an outsourcing initiative, the make-up of the stay back team may change slightly since the staffing levels and skill sets will be different throughout the various stages, but the core staff who will remain to manage should be constant. Assigning sufficient resources to the stay back team at each stage is crucial, and this is an area where resourcing levels are often underestimated, particularly in the Transition phase, seriously jeopardizing the success of the outsourcing initiative.

When establishing your stay back team, it is important to consider where they report within the corporation as a whole to ensure they have sufficient influence within the corporation, and can effectively participate in overall corporate strategies and decision making which impacts or is impacted by the Facilities Management functions. Your outsourcing initiative provides an ideal opportunity to reassess the existing reporting structure and influence any necessary changes.

The structure and interaction with the service provider is also an important element of the stay back team. Your structure should allow the interfaces to take place at the right levels between the stay back team and service provider, whether they are day-to-day or strategic. There will usually be important interactions at many different points between the service provider, the stay back team and even other departments within the corporation, however it is important to formalize and maintain a single point of contact for issue resolution, contract interpretation and central coordination.

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