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Not Google? You Can Still Give Your Employees Perks With Little Or No Cost

Not Google? You Can Still Give Your Employees Perks With Little Or No Cost

Perks in the workplace are becoming more and more important to attract and retain good talent, especially from the newer generation, the Millennials, who are coming to expect it. But even older employees can enjoy some of the simple, cheap or cost-free things you can provide for them.

As a Manager, it is your responsibility to motivate your own employees. Some perks and benefits come from HR but there are many things you can do for your own employees to acknowledge strong performances, boost morale, help employees achieve a greater work-life balance and incentivize hard work.

Don't wait for HR to tell you what to do, there are many things you can do within your own group and under your own authority or with your Boss's blessing. And some of your initiatives may even be adopted by HR for the entire organization. This is good for your own employees and for your career by taking initiative.

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Deciding what you want to achieve through providing employee perks can help you decide which benefits to offer. And if you really want to go the extra mile, ask your employees what they want - it may not be what you think.

To help you out, This infographic shows you 15 perks that cost under $100 and many are even free. It includes providing flexible working hours, or securing discounts with local businesses and restaurants.


This infographic was created by Colonial Life. Colonial Life provides voluntary benefits that help protect America's workers.

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