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Network for your Career Like the Internet, Not the Intranet

Network for your Career Like the Internet, Not the Intranet

Succcess in your career, whether you're an aspiring manager or trying to climb the ladder, is more likely to come to you if you network.

It may or may not give you leverage in the company you're with, but it is an investment in your next job, and the path to promotions often involve changing companies.

Networking, if done well, gives you visibility within your chosen industry, connects you with people who may be able to help you find that next role and helps you create a base that will serve your career well.

But how often do you go to an industry event with colleagues from your organiztion and spend more time with them than you do meeting and talking to others in your industry? That's networking on the Intranet, meaning within your company, not the Internet, meaning outside your company.

Force yourself to separate from your own colleagues. Instead of mingling with them, find others to meet and introduce yourself to. Then move on to others in the event. And when you sit at a table, whether for a lunch, seminar or other function, purposefully sit away from your colleagues, either randomly or with someone you've already networked with.

You won't always sit at a table with the key people you want to meet, but you are much more likely to do so if you aren't surrounded by your colleagues.

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