Measuring Staff Performance

Measuring Staff Performance

Most managers have no problem putting service levels, KPI’s and other measurement tools in place for service providers, but when it comes to their own staff performance, they don’t hold them to the same standards or manage their performance as effectively.

While the performance measurement structure of KPI’s is usually tough to implement internally, it can be integrated into your Human Resources pay-for-performance systems already in place as individual or team targets.

But the best value you will get from measuring staff performance isn’t comparing results to a target and giving kudos or brick-bats, it’s about having the information you and your staff need to effectively understand what works, what doesn’t and what to do about it to improve results and performance.

You don’t have to use a reward/penalty approach. Simply measure and manage. If done properly, you can encourage your staff to improve simply to achieve better results or as a competition against themselves to improve or at least maintain results.

If you implement it without associated penalties (but occasionally give some unexpected rewards) you will quickly see improvements if you already have a reasonably motivated team. Of course if some members aren’t motivated or capable of improvement, doing this will help you justify a change.

While results based measures (i.e. the end product of what you and your team does) are needed and frequently the basis for external KPI systems, you need to also measure and track results along the entire process. Just knowing your results aren’t meeting expectations doesn’t give you any information about what to do to improve the situation – process measurements will help provide the answers.

Then, you can work with your team to analyze the process measurements. Find out where the bottleneck's really are. Pinpoint the source of errors or defects. Discover the processes that are inefficient.  All these are things your team can do easily to improve results, without feeling they are being watched and measured.

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