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Attend Your Boss’s Meetings

You probably have your own meetings to go to and don't really want to spend more time in meetings.

Yet a great way to show your interest in your development and advancement, and possibly even to help your boss, is to attend some of the meetings your boss attends

Try to get an idea of the meetings your boss goes to and ask your boss if you can attend even just as an observer some of those meetings. You may even be able to contribute during the meeting.

As an added benefit, if you attend some of these meetings periodically, you may become the go-to person when your boss can't make the meetings or your boss will ask you to fill in when they are on vacation.

Don't just attend, however. Find a way to contribute during the meetings or even after the meeting by providing your boss with observations and information that might help them at a subsequent meeting.

While you're doing this for your own benefit, you need to deliver some benefit to your boss as well.

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