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3 Things Not To Tell Your Boss

3 Things Not To Tell Your Boss

Let’s face it, there are probably more than three things you shouldn’t tell your boss, and many other things that you should.

But here is a quick list of 3 common things you should not tell your boss and how to handle them instead.

That you have a problem - unless you can recommend a solution

If you want to be seen as a high performer and get opportunities, never get your boss to solve your problems. Instead, work out one or more options to solve the problem or issue and then bring them to your boss to discuss their perspective on your solution and get their input.

Even if your solutions are not accepted, as long as you present it in a way that shows you did your homework and thought things out, you will win points. Not only will it be a learning experience for you, your boss will recognize you as an independent problem solver. That's good for your career.

That you were responsible for something your staff did

You don't want your boss to take credit for something you did, so don't take credit for your staff's initiatives. Sure, tell your boss what your role was as an enabler, coach or how you guided your staff to get success if relevant, and even take credit for selecting and hiring the employee if you did, but be sure to give credit where it is due.

Not only will your boss appreciate it, your employee will too. Remember, you are the manager and a successful manager surrounds themselves with successful staff.

That you aren't sure why you did something that went wrong

This assumes, of course, that you are willing to admit your mistakes. Only then can you take the next step. If you did something wrong or made a mistake you need to analyze it first and be prepared to explain, then tell your boss.

And I don’t mean give an excuse, I mean a real explanation. Walk through your rational, how you came to make the mistake and what you learned. In particular, talk about what you did wrong and would do differently the next time.


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