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12 Reasons You Need An Organization Wide Project Management Methodology

12 Reasons You Need An Organization Wide Project Management Methodology

In many organizations, the first step when undertaking a project involves the creation of a methodology or approach.

Within many organizations, each department or each manager may be inventing their own methodology each time a new project is undertaken. Instead of focusing on the project at hand, people involved in project management end up putting a lot of thought and effort into process.

There are benefits to focusing efforts on getting the project done, rather than wasting time repeatedly creating the methodology.  An organization-wide methodology for projects will provide such focus.

An organization-wide approach for project management will yield many benefits and some are outlined below:

1. Widespread Common Knowledge - All people involved in projects will be knowledgeable about, and understand, the methodology.

2. A Single, Consistent Training Program - All people involved in projects take the same training, learn together, and evolve together.

3. Allows for Project Comparison and Selection - A consistent approach will greatly assist in comparing and selecting amongst the many project ideas and approaches that will arise in response to strategic goals, problems, and opportunities.

4. Enables Integration of Organizational Policies and Procedures - Established policies and procedures can be integrated into the Organizational Project Methodology to ensure consistent and appropriate application.

5. Easier Project Start-Ups - Projects are easy to start in a consistent manner because everyone knows what to do.

6. Allows for Situational Variations and Flexibility - A consistent approach to identify variances in methodology allows for flexibility in approach for different situations within the organization, but the methodology remains consistent in all other respects.

7. Ensures that Project Results are Effectively Integrated into Use - A consistent and thorough approach will lead to significant improvements in regard to the effective integration of project results into organizational operations.

8. Encourages Continuous Improvement - Those responsible for maintaining the standard methodology can continuously consider and incorporate suggested improvements into the methodology for the benefit of the organization.

9. Enables Professional Development - Consistent approaches for development and review of such things as Case Studies, Project Plans, and communication materials will allow for those involved in projects to improve their skills and understanding.

10. Provides Standardized Reporting and Understanding of Status – Management and clients know where things stand and what to expect.

11. Enables Consistent Documentation – A consistent approach leads to easily recognizable and navigable project plans and other documents associated with projects.

12. Creates Efficiency - A consistent project methodology minimizes the need to think about approach and improves efficiency in project delivery.

A common fear some project managers have about an organization-wide methodology for project management is that it may not work in their specific situation.

Others will fear being locked into something that provides no opportunity for creativity and innovation.  An important component of an organization-wide methodology is to allow for variances to meet the needs of different situations.

A consistent approach for identifying and justifying variances can be integrated into the organizational project methodology to allow for such variances, providing the flexibility to work effectively in different situations while remaining open to creative and innovative solutions.

How many times have your early project meetings seemed chaotic and filled with ambiguity? How often have stakeholders hinted that maybe there is a better way of keeping them involved and informed in a project?

Those that have been involved in much project work will intuitively understand the benefits of a consistent organization-wide project methodology. Take the well-spent time to develop yours before you begin your next project.

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